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Okay, bear with me cause I’m going to age myself yet again as well as continue to embarrass myself with my musical tastes, BUT… Did you ever listen to Hanson? Even if you didn’t, do you remember their hit song MMMBop? I’m sure you do. Anyways, it came on my Spotify in the car over […]

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Nothing works unless you do.  There, I said it.  Eeep, I know. Slightly triggering.  Here’s the thing though, you know I’m gonna call you out. And you know I’ll call myself out while I’m at it. There is no shame in my game! 😉  The books, the workshops, the courses, the masterminds, the retreats, the […]

Nothing Works Unless You Do 

Real Talk

Let’s talk about rules for a minute.  Are you a rule follower or a rule breaker?  Maybe like me, you’re a mix of both depending on the time and place. #readingtheroomforthewin But one thing you may not have ever considered before, is this: That you’re a rule maker.  Yes, you.  Did you realize that? Did […]

Rule #1: There Are No Rules 

Real Talk

Have you ever heard someone say something and it legit stops you in your tracks? Like, it hits you and you’re like damnnnnnn, yup.  I had one of those moments recently and I wanted to share it here with you.  I was doing a five day challenge a couple of weeks ago with Brad Bizjack […]

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