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Today I want to get straight to the point: KEEP IT SIMPLE, SWEETIE. Seriously, where are you over-complicating something (ok, everything!)? Where are you making things harder than they actually are? Where are you making up excuses, rather than simply taking action? Basically, where are you letting fear and your ego, win? (Ew.) Y’all, I […]


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Not sure if you saw it, but this past week I shared on Instagram about getting my butt kicked at an Orangetheory workout and then returning the next day for a 1-mile benchmark challenge. I basically confessed to initially wanting to skip/cancel but then called myself on my own shit and ponied up to make […]

Spoiler Alert Ahead

No Rules, Just Right

Happy April 1st! And while you may have missed me from your inbox last Monday (ooops, sorry!) I promise I’m not fooling around with you today.  I just got back from spending a wonderful week immersed in all things Texas and Hill Country at the gorgeous Camp Lucy in Dripping Springs, Texas for The Hybrid […]

Stop Doing This One Thing

No Rules, Just Right

Are you and time friends?  What about you and money? Do you consider self love a peer? Would you say that you and joy are buddies? What about ease? Are you friends with her? This morning, lemme take it back to the sandbox for y’all.  ‘Cuz here’s the thing: if we want these folks to […]

Today I want to talk a little bit about personal power.  More specifically, how we’re giving it away.  Each of you has it. If not, you wouldn’t be where you are right now. (Let that sink in…) But, time after time, we seem to find people, places and things to give it away to.  And […]

Unapologetic And Thriving 

No Rules, Just Right

Recently (like, a few days ago), I was chatting with a client.  She was disappointed in a recent decision she had made and was feeling a bit frustrated with herself.  It was then that she said something to me that had a totally profound and light bulb lightning strike kind of moment.  She said this […]


No Rules, Just Right

Just yesterday, Greg and I went and saw The Atlanta Symphony’s performance of Home Alone.  It’s a really cool concept and I highly recommend checking if your local orchestra does something similar. Basically, you’re in the Symphony’s performing arts hall while they’re on the stage.  Overhead, a big screen plays Home Alone.  Except, the soundtrack […]

Good morning and Happy November!  November is one of my favorite months and I think it’s because it’s a tangible time where I can be mindful of just how thankful and grateful I am for well, pretty much everything.  The crisp air, falling leaves, cozy sweaters and football rivalries don’t hurt either, though. 😉  Anyways, […]

A State of Mind 

No Rules, Just Right

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