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I’m back from Disney and have something to share.  First off, I freaking loved it. We truly had the most special time. And our resort, the park, the dining, the experience, heck, even the spa – it was all SO WELL DONE.   Never thought I would be “that person” either, but here we are. Ha!  […]

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Well, it’s officially been a doozy around these parts lately. I can barely believe it, but I didn’t actually die. And no, I’m not talking about the pollen. 😉  In fact, I am just now coming up for air after three back to back weeks on the road.  As I’m sure many of you can […]

Giving Grace 

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Last week I hosted a free, live online class…33 Lessons: Everything I Need to Know About Life and Biz I Learned from Professional Basketball and it was so fun! An after hours virtual happy hours of sorts with some really great takeaways.  I know I told y’all that I’m a big college football fan (and I […]

33 Lessons 

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There’s been a recent request for me to discuss imposter syndrome, so here we go. Essentially (as we all know) imposter syndrome is hot garbage. It’s a made up set of stories our brains trick us with that a) aren’t true and b) are designed to keep us small.  In the words of my two […]

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