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When Inner Work Is A Weapon 

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As a multifaceted woman who wears many hats and honors many titles (gah, can y’all relate?!), the one I’m most proud of is encourager.

Meet Courtney

Did you see Scottie Scheffler win the Masters last weekend? 

I’m not a big golf person (per se) but I am a big sports person, so I love following along with this kind of stuff. It’s what dreams are made of! 

Apparently there are some cool stats surrounding this guy, too. 

He’s 27 (SO young!) and is one of only a very small handful (ahem, four people) to win the Masters while simultaneously being ranked #1 in the world.

Oh yeah, and the guy’s done it TWICE

While watching the post game coverage (is that what you call it in golf? ha!) one of the commentators said this:

“He’s so at peace and when you’re the best at what you do, that becomes a real weapon.” 

Now, bear with me because I’m paraphrasing here as I didn’t write down what he said word for word. But damn, it hit me like a lightning bolt and shook me to my core! 

When we are at peace with ourselves and with the world around us AND we combine that with walking in our gifts, we are truly unstoppable. 

So much so, that literally commentators and pundits on live, national television will make mention of it and call it “a weapon.” (But in a really good way!)

Like, wow. I’m down. 

So, time for a little self assessment.

Where are you ignoring the inner work required to be at peace? 

And not just with yourself, but with anyone and anything and everyone and everything?

This is the work that often gets overlooked and is undervalued. But as you can see, it’s just what the success recipe calls for. 

You wouldn’t bake chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips, now would you? 

So why would you leave out the inner work on your journey to what your own heart desires? Hint: you wouldn’t.

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