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What I’m Reading and What I’m Watching 

I’m dying to know what’s in your hands and what you’re reading this summer.  Whether you’re by the pool, at the beach or on the lake. Or heck, maybe just on your couch. 😉  I’d also love to know what you’re watching, too. Like, who doesn’t love going down a good Netflix/Amazon Prime/HBO Max rabbit […]

the latest

As you read this I’ll be waking up with Greg and William for our first full day in Disney World! Like seriously, who am I? Anyways, I wanted this morning’s email to be super light and fun by sharing a few of my favorite (and totally random!) songs that have been on repeat lately. See […]

My Recent Playlist (Giggles Welcome!) 

Feel Good Favorites

Did you see Scottie Scheffler win the Masters last weekend?  I’m not a big golf person (per se) but I am a big sports person, so I love following along with this kind of stuff. It’s what dreams are made of!  Apparently there are some cool stats surrounding this guy, too.  He’s 27 (SO young!) […]

When Inner Work Is A Weapon 

Hot Topics

Good morning and a very Happy Wealthy Woman’s Day to you! Or Happy Wealthy Man’s Day, you know everyone is welcome around these parts. 🙂  Yep, it’s April 15th (Tax Day) but as a creative solopreneur who is busy making moves and building empires, I choose to celebrate the latter. I hope you’ll join me!  […]

Happy April 1st! And while you may have missed me from your inbox last Monday (ooops, sorry!) I promise I’m not fooling around with you today.  I just got back from spending a wonderful week immersed in all things Texas and Hill Country at the gorgeous Camp Lucy in Dripping Springs, Texas for The Hybrid […]

Stop Doing This One Thing

No Rules, Just Right

Have you ever heard the saying “Bees don’t waste time trying to convince flies that honey is better than shit”? Yeah, it’s one of my favs. LOL  Because here’s the thing…the folks who get it, get it.  And the folks who don’t, well, they just don’t.  And we don’t need to prove ourselves. To anybody.  […]

Honey > Shit 

Feel Good Favorites

I can barely believe it but it’s ALMOST spring.  Which means we can finally each emerge from our hibernation and experience our own awakening. Like, where do I sign up?! Nothing like spring to usher in fresh feels, if you know what I mean.  New sneakers. New haircut. New routine. Shoot, maybe even a new […]

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