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What I’m Reading and What I’m Watching 

I’m dying to know what’s in your hands and what you’re reading this summer.  Whether you’re by the pool, at the beach or on the lake. Or heck, maybe just on your couch. 😉  I’d also love to know what you’re watching, too. Like, who doesn’t love going down a good Netflix/Amazon Prime/HBO Max rabbit […]

the latest

This is it. June 24th. We’re exactly one week away from being half way to 2025.  Seriously? Wtf.  Anyways, it got me thinking about missing the mark.  Halfway through the year, I think it’s natural that any of us (myself included) start to feel pressure regarding our vision, goals, dreams and desires – whatever they […]

Thoughts on that nasty “f” word – FAILURE

Real Talk

Ugh, it’s here. My annual summer blues have officially come home to roost.  And y’all, it’s SO annoying.  Like, nothing is *actually* wrong, nothing’s happened (and nothing’s “not happening”) it’s just that time of year where I feel blah.  I can tell I am not myself.  I can tell I am not aligned.  I can tell I am […]

Do you ever get the blues?

Feel Good Favorites

I wanna share a secret with you! Okay, maybe not quite a secret. I guess it’s more of a fun fact. But…I started a trend with myself earlier this year of wearing glitter polish on my toenails.  Yup. Sparkly glitter, in all its glory!  It was an intentional moment one day in the nail salon where I realized that I […]

I’ve gotta ask…do you have a growth mindset or a limited mindset? I’d say most everyone reading this question will answer “GROWTH!” because duh, who would want to limit anything? Like, the brain does NOT like restriction. At all. Ever tried dieting? Mmmm hmmm, you know what I’m talking about. Anyways, you probably answered growth. […]

Growth Mindset vs Limited Mindset

No Rules, Just Right

Okay, bear with me cause I’m going to age myself yet again as well as continue to embarrass myself with my musical tastes, BUT… Did you ever listen to Hanson? Even if you didn’t, do you remember their hit song MMMBop? I’m sure you do. Anyways, it came on my Spotify in the car over […]

Lessons From The Radio

Real Talk

Not sure if you saw it, but this past week I shared on Instagram about getting my butt kicked at an Orangetheory workout and then returning the next day for a 1-mile benchmark challenge. I basically confessed to initially wanting to skip/cancel but then called myself on my own shit and ponied up to make […]

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