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To Infinity, And Beyond! 

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As a multifaceted woman who wears many hats and honors many titles (gah, can y’all relate?!), the one I’m most proud of is encourager.

Meet Courtney

I’m back from Disney and have something to share. 

First off, I freaking loved it. We truly had the most special time. And our resort, the park, the dining, the experience, heck, even the spa – it was all SO WELL DONE.  

Never thought I would be “that person” either, but here we are. Ha! 

Anyways, what I really wanted to share with you today is something from Toy Story. 

And while we didn’t do that ride last week (we did Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Animal Kingdom but passed on Hollywood Studios!) the message from Buzz Lightyear still hit me like a ton of bricks: 


Y’all, how did Buzz know there is something beyond infinity?  

Leave it to a fictional children’s character to teach us the ways of the world, I suppose. 

See, life and business and all that encompass both are the same: 

There are no limits. 

There are no constraints. 

There are no ceilings. 

There is only infinity, and beyond. 

Infinite options, resources, ideas, opportunities, outcomes, paths, possibilities, results, love, peace, joy, contentment, fulfillment and every good gift from above. And yes, also BEYOND. 

Truly, our brains (and hearts!) can’t even comprehend or understand it. Hence why a fictional children’s character had to say it in the first place. 😉 

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