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One Of My Favorite Four Letter Words

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As a multifaceted woman who wears many hats and honors many titles (gah, can y’all relate?!), the one I’m most proud of is encourager.

Meet Courtney

I want to talk about a four letter word most of us don’t give much attention to. 


In a society and culture driven by how much did you accomplish today, how many things on your to do list did you check off and how many people, places and things did you go do and see, it can be challenging to acknowledge that rest is in fact, a good thing

In fact, rest is required. It’s part of the process. It should be honored as such. 

And I’m here today to encourage you to rest. 

It can look different for each of us, but here are some quick examples: 

– Saying no to projects, social events or other “stuff” (you don’t even need a reason!) 

– Going to bed early, sleeping in late, taking a nap 

– Pausing projects

– Slowing your pace (you can still be moving in the direction you want, just not as fast) 

– Pivoting 

– Removing things from your schedule by outsourcing or delegating 

– Blocking off time for you and/or your family to just “be” (and not have anywhere you need to go) 

The funny thing about rest is, when you practice it, the easier it gets. 😉 

And before you know it, you (omg, spoiler alert!) actually find yourself preferring rest to the hustle and bustle of the day in and day out noise around us. 

So, as we enter a season of gratitude and thanks (Thanksgiving is less than four weeks away y’all!) I challenge you to rest. 

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