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False Evidence Appearing Real 

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As a multifaceted woman who wears many hats and honors many titles (gah, can y’all relate?!), the one I’m most proud of is encourager.

Meet Courtney

I can barely believe it but it’s ALMOST spring. 

Which means we can finally each emerge from our hibernation and experience our own awakening. Like, where do I sign up?!

Nothing like spring to usher in fresh feels, if you know what I mean. 

New sneakers. New haircut. New routine. Shoot, maybe even a new trajectory or vision and path for ourselves. 

You know, those kind of vibes. 

So, what are you ushering in? What are you focused on?

As the saying goes – where focus goes, energy flows. 

And where energy flows, whatever you’re focused on grows. 

Basically, your life is controlled by what you focus on

Which is exactly why we want to ensure we focus on where we wanna go, instead of where we’ve been or what we fear. 

After all, fear is simply false evidence appearing real. 

It’s an illusion. And a trick. 

And I know you’re too smart to fall for it. 

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